Vested Interest

I was itching to get out of ‘accesories’ territory (hats, mittens, socks, booties etc etc), and the humble vest was the perfect garment to make the transition with. It’s good to wear on cooler days, under jackets, around the office, and on first sight, manageable enough. So I set to work.

My first vest was this little number. It was in my favourite colour, and had lovely cables! They are the plaits down the middle.

Cabled Vest

It wasn’t enough though because I had to straight away knit another vest. Knitting up all those colours drove me a little nuts (all those ends to weave…) but I think did it ok.

Leftovers Vest

The good thing about vests is that:
a) It doesn’t take a long time to make (I averaged about 2 weeks each) and
b) It doesn’t cost the earth in yarn.
Each vest took about 7 balls of yarn – that’s $35 worth, which is still comparable to what you might pay in the shops. But nothing can compare to the satisfaction of making something for yourself (or other people) – priceless!

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