Birthday Dinner – Part 1

We went to Jamie’s Italian for my birthday. Having heard that the place gets busy very quickly, we decided to head there straight after work – in our case, we arrived at 5.15pm and was able to be seated straight away.

I like Jamie Oliver’s cooking style, and was curious about the food in his restaurant. If it was anything like his cooking shows, then it would be well-cooked, down-to-earth food.

We started with a few nibblies. The first was Italian-style nachos, which happened to be deep-fried raviolis with a smoky cheese filling, accompanied by an arrabiatta salsa. The salsa certainly made this starter, as it was otherwise chips and dip.

Birthday Dinner

We also had arrancine – breaded and deep-fried balls of risotto, which was oozing with flavour, and topped with parmesan and served with a tomato sauce.

Birthday Dinner

Bread and the arrancine might have come free when the restaurant first opened, but there were no freebies when we visited. Nevertheless, we did enjoy our entrees.

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