Clerkenwell – Part 2

Let’s take a walk around Clerkenwell. By Clerkenwell Green is St James’s Church. It was built on top of St Mary’s Benedictine Nunnery after its dissolution at the time of Henry VIII and is a major landmark in Clerkenwell.

St James

Around the corner is the School Keeper’s entry to was a rather grand old school.

Clerkenwell Sights

There were many flats and terraces, of various ages. These terraces may be Georgian.

Clerkenwell Sights

Hubby however was interested in pubs. This one was tiny inside, and looked as if it hadn’t been redecorated since 1720. In Victorian times, it was a coffee house, where the intellectuals of the day met, such as Samuel Johnson, Handel and Dickens.

Clerkenwell Sights

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