Clerkenwell – Part 1

Clerkenwell is in the East End, just outside the walls of the old city. It rises to a little hill, and has a view of St Paul’s from the north side.

St Johns St

St Paul’s might have been rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666, but the fire didn’t get this far north, hence places like St John’s Gate, built in the 14th Century by the Knights Templar, still preserved.

St John's Gate

St John's Gate

Recognise the name and the cross? Well, you would be familiar with the St John’s Ambulance service. It all started here.

The area around the gate once supported the Smithfield Meat Market down the road, but the warehouses and factory spaces have now been taken over by interior designers and architects. Now the old juxtaposes with the new.

St John's Gate

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