Inside Chatsworth House – Part 4

There were more frescoed ceilings to gaze up on, particularly in the wing that formed the Royal Suites.

Inside Chatsworth House

It was furnished in the late 17th Century for William III and his wife Mary II, hence why everything was so grand. Unfortunately, they never came. Other royalty did however visit the house – Queen Victoria visited it twice; once when she was still a princess, and later with Prince Albert.

One thing the Dukes had in common over the years was their love of art – there are works throughout the house, both classical and modern. There was also a separate sculpture gallery that housed precious busts from Ancient Greece, such as the one below.

Inside Chatsworth House

As well as Italian sculptures from the Renaissance.

Inside Chatsworth House

The gallery was conveniently located next to the dining room, so that guests could peruse the collection while waiting for dinner to be served. It however did not have a bust of Mr Darcy (aka. Actor Matthew Macfadyen) – he was in the gift shop!

Inside Chatsworth House

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