Santorini Food – Part 1

Being a tourist town, Santorini does have a wide range of eateries available. Some have caldera views, but we found that the best, and the ones the locals go to, have a far better view of the TV!

Santorini is known for its broad beans and cherry tomatoes. We had a broad bean dip that was laden with garlic, a carrot and cheese salad, and grilled egglant, again with fetta.

Santorini Food

Santorini Food

Santorini Food

At another restaurant, we had our first dolmades. We didn’t see much of it while in Greece – it must either come from another area than the ones we visited, or it was the wrong season for vine leaves.

Santorini Food

But we loved our veges, and the grilled veges below was the best way to enjoy the spring harvest.

Santorini Food

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