Santorini Food – Part 2

As for the mains, there were the usual grills…

Santorini Food

Then we saw dishes that haven’t featured on taverna menus, but what international tourists seem to recognise as Greek food – moussaka and lamb in a parcel. Perhaps these dishes are typically cooked at home and so only appear in restaurants for the tourists?

Santorini Food

Santorini Food

However, my favourite main dish that weekend wasn’t very Greek at all. The prawns were very fresh.

Santorini Food

Speaking of Italian food, one taverna (the one where I ate prawn linguine) also had really lovely desserts – panna cotta and a deconstructed cheese cake with soft pillows of ricotta. It was also the one without a view and where the locals seemed to eat.

Santorini Food

Santorini Food

We liked the place so much we went back a second night. Mmmm….

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