Saxony – Part 4

I liked Freiberg. It was a small, quiet but pretty town, easy to get around, and not touristy at all. The Freiberg Cathedral (or the Dom St. Marien in German) and Terra Mineralia (that I described in an earlier post) was as touristy as it got.

From the outside, the cathedral (the white building) seemed plain indeed. Unlike the Catholic cathedrals, the Lutherans obviously weren’t so obsessed with bling, even though the town was rich from the silver mines nearby. You had to get your ticket from an adjoining office, and the lady there kindly opened up the church for you.


Step inside, and it was certainly a different kind of church. Even though the architecture was gothic, the rendering made the space seem lighter.


The cathedral seemed to me like a mix of pre and post-reformation. The original cathedral was built in the 12th Century pre-reformation, but was replaced by the current cathedral in the 15th Century when it was destroyed by fire. I’m guessing that the rendering happened post-reformation, but there were still a few statues left.


Some of them were very life-like.


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