Stockholm – Part 1

A couple of hours on the train (including a ride over the 8km long bridge between Denmark and Sweden), and we were in Stockholm. Stockholm was also a city built around the water, but it felt much more grand and expansive. It was however still quite flat, so bicycles were once again out in force.

Stockholm is grand

Again, there were parts of the city centre that were quite Parisian in feel.

A day in Stockholm

But we liked its old town, Gamla Stan, on an island, resplendid with cute cobblestoned streets and shops.

A day in Stockholm

The weather, as you can see from the photos, wasn’t quite cooperating. Nonetheless, one can still sit comfortably outdoors in a cafe/bar, as blankets were provided.

A day in Stockholm

From an Australian point of view, there’s something a bit wrong about sitting at a bar under a doona, but for Swedes, who experience many a long, dark night in the winter, one needs to take advantage of every opportunity to be out of doors.

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