Northbound – Part 3

Finally, we have come to the northern-most point of our trip, the Lapland town of Rovaniemi. On the way, we saw a herd of reindeer…

Around Lapland

But we saw no snow at all, just spring green.

Spring is finally here

And strangely enough, it was quite warm that day, too.

Around Rovaniemi

But we weren’t there to see the town centre, no, we had another place in mind. Can you guess where?

Around Rovaniemi

Once we crossed the Arctic Circle…

Around Rovaniemi

We knew we were in the realm of the man in the red suit.

Around Rovaniemi

As you can see, Santa’s village was shockingly touristy, but wonderful nevertheless if you were visiting as a child in winter. As an adult in summer-like temperatures, the Santa village was quite underwhelming. Despite that, we had a try at spreading some Christmas cheer to some of the little people in our lives.

Around Rovaniemi

Inside the post office, there were some busy elves about, although they had time to pose for a photo.

Around Rovaniemi

We were able to send some Christmas cards, stamped from the North Pole, that arrived just in time for Christmas. And if you do send a letter to Santa to the North Pole, the letter apparently does physically arrive here! We didn’t go any further north, but we didn’t mind, since we had already visited the ‘North Pole’.

So from London to the Santa’s place, it certainly has been a monumental journey around Europe from south to north. We really enjoyed it, and it’s been nice to share and relive it bit by bit. Now, for the journey home…

Around Rovaniemi

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