Armidale – Part 3

We explored the paddock beyond the pony yard. There’s plenty of cattle poo but no cattle.

Poppy's Cottage

The hillock here has been described as an extinct volcano or a volcano plug, but Hubby thinks it’s lava flow that met a bit of an obsticle. Over time it’s hardened into basalt. There’s certainly evidence of a lot of prehistoric volcanic activity all over the New England area. The gold and gems found in the rivers are evidence of that.

Bridie however was more interested in smells – rabbits and roos in particular.

Poppy's Cottage

She certainly needed her coat as it was frigid on the mornings we were there.

Poppy's Cottage

From the farm, the undulating landscape seemed to go on forever. Even though the wind was icy cold and the sky overcast, I loved the way the muted light played on the hills. It’s almost European.

Poppy's Cottage

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