Sydney Coastal Walk

It was early spring, and M had a few days holiday. Why not do a walk mid-week along the coast? We decided to start our walk at Coogee. It wasn’t a particularly warm morning, but there was only a smattering of people on the sand.

Sydney East Coastal Walk

The path itself though was quite busy with walkers and joggers. We made our way over the headland, and then down into Gordons Bay. It hasn’t changed much since my last visit 5 or so years.

Sydney East Coastal Walk

Gordons Bay is a favourite spot for divers and snorklers. But the swell was up, so no go there that day.

Sydney East Coastal Walk

The only people having fun on the water were the surfers. We saw a few at Bronte attempting to catch a wave or two. We left them to it as it was our lunch stop and turning back point.

Sydney East Coastal Walk

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