Monsoon Rainforest – Part 1

Our other adventures at Mt Borradaile involved cruising the various waterways in this flat-bottomed boat.

Cruising at Mt Borradaile

We discovered very quickly that there were many habitats in the wetlands, the first we passed through being the monsoon rainforest. These are tropical areas that are waterlogged during the Wet but are completely dry otherwise. For example, this ‘canal’ under the paperbark trees in the Dry season is a road!

Monsoon rainforest habitats

Paperbarks weren’t the only type of forest we cruised through – there were patches of Livingstonia palms, straight out of the dinosaur era.

Monsoon rainforest habitats

And water-loving Pandanus Aquaticus, which I’ve seen in many parts of Northern Australia that I’ve visited.

Monsoon rainforest habitats

I loved how serene it all was, particularly when our guide cut the motor – beautiful reflections, and no sound bar the trickle of water and the twittering of birds.

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