The Ghan – Part 2

And we were off on our north-south crossing of the continent! One thing I was looking forward to was to be able to watch the landscape change from my cabin window. Out of Darwin, it was a Savannah landscape common to a lot of Northern Australia, from Broome to Townsville.

On the Ghan

It wasn’t long before we made our first trip to the restaurant, about 3 carriages away.

On the Ghan

Lunch was in several sittings – we had an early sitting and the dining room was still quiet. It filled up pretty soon though.

On the Ghan

The food in general was of a very high standard. A sample of some of the dishes we had…

Salmon mousse sushi for entree.

On the Ghan

Chicken galantine as a main.

On the Ghan

There was some emphasis on native Australian ingredients, so we had our share of crocodile, buffalo and kangaroo along with some native herbs, spices and fruits.

A sample of our breakfast menu shows that we never went hungry!

On the Ghan

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