In the Field – Part 4

Despite the fun I had at the museum, my favourite locations in the field are inevitably scenic ones. This time it’s a seascape.

Malabar Headland has recently been made into a national park. It makes the walk between South Maroubra and Malabar accessible whenever the rifle range on the same location isn’t in use.

Sketching at Malabar Headland

My friends and I visited on a very sunny and still day – though the seas were still a bit rough due to Cyclone Gita all the way in New Zealand.

Sketching at Malabar Headland

The sandstone cliffs are similar to what you might find in Royal National Park, but more accessible, especially if you live in or are visiting the Eastern Suburbs. I made the most of the intricate folds and honeycomb erosion by sketching in ink.

Sketching at Malabar Headland

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