A stroll around Picton – Part 1

Next, we visited the town of Picton. It is located deep in the Marlborough Sounds and has a deep harbour.

Strolling around Picton

Because of its sheltered harbour and close proximity to the capital Wellington (just 65km to the north-east, across the Cook Strait), it is a busier town than most. It is the shipping, rail and road gateway to the South Island. In fact, here comes the Inter-Island ferry now.

Strolling around Picton

It fits cars as well as people, but just a warning that people with less than cast-iron stomachs should be wary about getting on-board. Like the Spirit of Tasmania ferry between Melbourne and Devonport, crossing the Cook Strait is a rough business. But luckily for those crossing from Wellington to Picton (or vice-versa) the rough bit is only 45 minutes long. That’s 45 minutes too long for me but others might think otherwise.

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