A walk to Wharariki Beach – Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you had a lovely (if perhaps cosy) time with your family.

Now, back to my 2018 trip to New Zealand. I must say that this reminiscence has been good for me. It’s providing me with a great opportunity to relive that trip and really cherishing it. I hope you’re enjoying these posts too.

We’re still in the Golden Bay area of New Zealand, and today we’re walking to Wharariki Beach, which is in the north-western corner of the region.

The beach is accessed via a walking track across some paddocks from the end of a dirt road.

Wharariki Beach

We passed through some interesting coastal vegetation. The stream is brown due to the tannin in the water (like in Tasmania) and the bushes are flat as it’s almost always very windy in these parts.

Wharariki Beach

It was however a fine, sunny, early summer’s day, so walking these paddocks was a pleasure.

Wharariki Beach

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