Northern Tasmania – Part 5

Hello there! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and start of the New Year. Covid has returned to Sydney. For those of you who managed to get away, congratulations. For those who didn’t, I’m continuing to post from my travel archives this year.

I’m continuing to post on our 2019 trip to Tasmania. I see that some of you have managed to get to the Apple Isle lately. Enjoy!

Anyway, back to the town of Stanley. It might have been founded from whaling, but people soon realised that the land was perfect for grazing. This is the house of the chief agent of the Van Diemen’s Land Company, called Highfield.


It’s still surrounded by grazing land to this day. The pastures start from the edge of town.


And these days the cattle they rear in these parts are the best in Australia.

Cattle in Stanley

The reason? They have no problem with water around here – look at all that grass. No wonder the cattle thrive.

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