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Summer Projects

I’ve had a few projects on the go this summer. In the lead-up to Christmas I was busy knitting up Christmas baubles from a kit which my sister-in-law, L, had given me earlier in the year. The kit had 23 different designs so I got to try a few! The baubles went to different homes at Christmas time.

Christmas baubles

I also knitted up another Milo vest – my first in Bold Bamboo! This went to my friend’s baby son, K. Although he’s not even 6 months old at the moment, I knitted a size 1 as babies seem to grow so fast…

Milo vest for K

And on the back of my laptop cover, I crochet a cover for my new phone. It’s even lined and has a small pocket for ear phones!

Phone Cover with pocket

Alice Springs Beanie Festival

I’m back from my trip to Central Australia and I’ll be blogging all about it in the next few weeks. Upon landing, I immediately made my way to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. It’s an annual winter event in Alice that’s dedicated to knitting, crochet, beanies, and other crafts. It’s the one event where you look out-of-place without a silly hat.

Beanie Festival

There were a range of workshops available, and many industrious people of all ages were about doing their thing.

Beanie Festival

There were thousands of beanies for sale, knitted by people from all corners of Australia (I bought a few), and the best were displayed in an exhibition at the art gallery.

Beanie Festival

It’s quite amazing what one can make out of wool. Pigs, people, kookaburras…

Beanie Festival

Even a frill-necked lizard. Now you wouldn’t like to meet that in a dark alley.

Beanie Festival


After lots of deliberation, I finally ventured into crochet, and it’s been fun and really easy. I took a half day course and was able to do the basics with confidence by the end of it. And I was able to crochet things straight off and in quick time. I crocheted this phone cozy for my husband in a day.

Phone Cosy

And I made some tie-backs for the curtains in a few hours.

Window tie backs

And this lap blanket of 25 granny squares was completed within 6 weeks.

First granny blanket

My crochet friends all say that it’s more satisfying than knitting, in that crochet is (usually) quicker. Well that’s certainly true as knitting was never this fast. But I still have a soft spot for the needles, but now I can alternate between knitting and crocheting. As they say, variety is the spice of life.