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A Rural Japanese Garden – Part 2

The first thing that grabbed me when I stepped into the garden was the beautiful little Japanese maple in the foreground. The second was the uniqueness of the setting. Here was a Japanese garden, with meandering paths and gravel, bridge and water course, mounds and pavillions, right next to a typically Aussie paddock with grazing sheep.

Japanese Gardens

It’s definitely something you don’t see everyday.

A Rural Japanese Garden – Part 1

We stayed at Wellington Caves. Not in the caves, but at the caravan park that was on site. Next to the caravan park was a little bit of an oddity – a Japanese Garden.

Japanese Gardens

Wellington is twinned with the city of Osawano, in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. After googling, I found that the city is west of Nagano, near the west coast of Honshu.

Apart from Cowra, I didn’t know any other NSW country towns with a Japanese garden, so it will be interesting to explore this little place.

The Garden – Part 1

The garden has been a work-in-progress ever since I moved in 3.5 years ago. It started off as a lawn with some vintage shrubs and hodge-podge of trees (weeds, as I found out) that have been left to grow on its own for way too long.


There was a general clean-up done after moving in, but things were still pretty bare back then.


But in the last two years, we have built a vege patch and reaped a decent harvest. We were eating lots of kale and chives throughout the first season. In our second season we planted silverbeet, celery, tomatoes and soft herbs. Here they are in the spring.

Vege Patch

And here they are in late summer.

Vege Patch

The tomatoes had mostly died by then because of the excessive rains, but we harvested lots and lots of silverbeet, celery, and plenty of soft herbs too, reducing a little off our grocery bill. Now all our chilli plants are fruiting, although my husband is more excited about that than I am. He really loves hot food.

We still have a long way to go with regards to vege gardening, and gardening in general, but the garden is definitely looking better than ever.