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Sleepy Hollows – Part 7

Like Ninety Mile Beach further north, this stretch of coastline around the Hokianga is also wild and desolate. Unlike Ninety Mile beach, it is remote and quite inaccessible. No 4wd buggies around there. Access is only via tiny (and unsealed) country roads. I only caught a glimpse of that coast from the more civilised side of the harbour, but I want to visit it if I’m ever in the area again.

Hokianga Harbour Heads

Sleepy Hollows – Part 4

Northland has its fair share of historic weatherboard houses. In my eyes there were reminiscent of Queenslanders, except without the stilts. The reason for wood was that there weren’t many quarries in the bush in the old days, and one has to use the materials that are available. A vast majority of these weather boards were painted white, but there were some owners who lived their colour…

Historic cottage

Sleepy Hollows – Part 1

We’re back in NZ again. This time I’ll be posting about the Hokianga region in Northland, just north of the giant kauri trees at Waipoua Forest. It’s a very sleepy place since all roads in and out are painfully winding, and because there isn’t a regular long-distance bus service out to the major centres. This all means that the region is wonderfully untouched.

This is the harbour at the quiet village of Kohukohu. To get across you have to take a car ferry to Rawene, a town on the other side of the harbour. But with scenery like this, I’d just be content to fish off the jetty.

Morning at Hokianga Harbour