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Kimberley Swims – Part 1

We’re on the home run back to Broome now, and the weather also got hotter – way over 30C maximums required a cool down so I’ll give you a rundown on swimming stops we visited.

First up was Miner’s Creek on Drysdale River station. Sandy bottomed and quite deep in places, it was a pleasant place to swim. It however had a metre long freshwater croc on the bottom and what I thought was a mischievous spirit. We were told by our guide to introduce ourselves as some strange things have happened to him on previous visits – like his air-conditioner breaking down for no reason. I had my own experience – my retractable walking stick refused to retract for several days!

Miner's Creek

A hundred or so kilometers down the track was Galvans Gorge with a pretty swimming hole, and pretty lotus flowers. The swimming hole was very deep, and the steep sandstone cliffs proved irresistible to leap from for some – not a good idea though as there were some hidden rocks at the bottom.

Galvans Gorge

Galvans Gorge

Who’s Spooked Now?

Some of you might now that I was a great fan of the British spy show Spooks. So it was my mission to find the building they called MI5 Headquarters. And I found it!

Freemasons Building

It wasn’t the actual MI5 building, of course, but the Freemasons’ Hall. The real MI5 building is best seen in the latest James Bond film Skyfall (it gets blown up). I walked past it on another walk, incidently, and saw the MI6 building across the Thames. I admit that there were a lot of security cameras about the place.

Fanfic Update

Finished posting my first Spooks stories. Glad that it got such a good reaction. Posting a first story in a new universe is a nerve-wrecking thing – you never know if you’re true to the characters and their environment. Looks like I did fine here though, and as a consequence I’ve got 3 further stories planned in the Spooks universe.

Reunion (completed)

Jane Eyre:
Some Enchanted Evening (still uploading)

Fanfic Update

Reunion (still uploading chapters)

North and South:
In the Company of Children (complete)

Jane Eyre:
Awakenings (complete)

It’s interesting to analyse the traffic for my stories. Most of the hits for North and South, Jane Eyre and X-Files are from the States, but for my Spooks story they are mostly from the UK. Not too surprising really, considering that Spooks rarely shown in the States. Australia’s got a pretty fanatical group of fans though.

I’ll start posting my long-haul Jane Eyre story next.

Fanfic Update

I’m posting pretty quickly here… Quite impressed at the moment with the response I’m getting. The audience is definitely more far-reaching than any forum I’ve ever posted in.

If you read please also take the time to review! Always appreciated.

Reunion (still uploading chapters)

North and South:
In the Company of Children (still uploading chapters)

Jane Eyre:
Awakenings (still uploading chapters)

Bittersweet Symphony (complete)
The End of the Beginning (complete)

Spooks – Part 4

Spooks often surprises you in ways that you least suspect. Yes, it can thrill, but more often than not it can also break your heart. I’m not talking about corny achy breaky heart moments here either, but real moments. I loved the very gentle, very sensitive portrayal of Harry’s and Ruth’s relationship.

This is not a glamourous relationship by any means, but one that is very real. It also has some tremendous performances by Peter Firth and Nicola Walker.

Which made it all the more difficult to bear when Ruth departed. To be honest, I cried buckets.

That was three years ago, and I’m not the only Spooks fan that misses Ruth. That is why I am so happy to read this.

Spooks – Part 3

One thing about being a fan of British TV is that you will always see an actor that you recognise. And sooner or later your favourite actor might even appear on your favourite show!

Apart from Doctor Who, Spooks is one show that good actors seem to love to appear in. I was lucky that Adam’s replacement was played by none other than Richard Armitage, whom I had you might say, a rather keen interest in in the past through his role in bonnet drama, North and South.

It’s difficult to see what kind of an impact his character, Lucas North, will have in the long-run, but he’s had a very dynamic start for sure. This is certainly Richard Armitage’s best role since John Thornton in North and South, and his presence is another reason for me to keep watching this series. Not that I need any.

Spooks – Part 2

But eventually Tom was decommissioned, and was replaced by Adam Carter, played by Rupert Penry-Jones. As you can see, he’s also very easy on the eye.

Adam was a different character altogether. He started out being a very light-hearted alternative to Tom’s seriousness, but we found out very quickly that the man had an edge…

Watch here, but be prepared for a nail biter! Not many TV series are prepared to go to this extreme…

Spooks – Part 1

I watch a lot of TV, but not one to follow a long-running series year after year. Probably because eventually a series disappoints, or even if it doesn’t, it gets canned. One of the few series that seems to buck this trend is Spooks.

Why is it so enduring? Probably because the writing is of so high a standard, the acting so consistently good, and well… it’s exciting to watch!

Mind you, the fact that they have good looking lead actors does make things a little easier on the eyes. Back in Season 1 (corr, shown all the way back in 2002) we started off with Matthew Macfadyen, a.k.a. Tom Quinn. The trio of Tom, Zoe, and Danny certainly started the ball rolling. And got me well and truly hooked.