Hello again, it’s Bridie Beagle here, to talk about my favourite subject – food. My parents say that I’m obsessed with food. Well, they’re completely right. I live, and more importantly, breathe food. Breathe, because my breed are gifted with a wonderful sense of smell. That’s why my kin work as food detection dogs at the airport.

Meanwhile, I’m a lady of leisure, but I’m not leisurely when food is around. I get excited and possessive. Like in this instance, when I have my eye on the remnants of some cookies that Mummy made.


My parents say that I become Ms. Jekyll around food, when I am usually Lady Hyde. I say it’s because they never ever give me enough. A lady needs more than just one cup of dry food a day when there are soo many wonderful things to eat out there. I must admit they do give me the odd treat (toast crusts, yoghurt containers, bones, fat, to name a few things), but I want to eat all the time.

“You can’t eat all the time,” they say, “You’ll get really fat and sick.”

They must be wrong though, as I’ve never been sick from eating too much, not even when I ate a whole round of brie and a block of cheddar in one sitting. Besides, isn’t it rude to call someone fat? I have and will always be shapely, but unlike some humans, I love my curves.

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