Think of England

Hello from England. Hubby and I are touring around Europe for three months (Hubby is working, I am leisuring). I haven’t had possession of the laptop for a few weeks, hence the silence, but hopefully I’ll be posting at least semi-regularly on our journey.

Our first stop is London. What a city it is. Yes, it’s cold. But as an Australian, lots of things are very cheap here now, half the price of Australia, compared to 10 or so years ago when it was the other way around. London isn’t just about cheap food and shopping. As a lover of history and literature, it’s wonderful to simply walk around.

I’m staying in the East End, and the photo below was taken on my walk from the East End. I walked past the grand St Paul’s Cathedral, and over the Thames via the Millennium Bridge. It’s quite a view back to the cathedral.

London morning walk

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