Snowy Derwent River

From our window, everything was white – the front yard, the stone fence, the footpath, the park…

Snow at Matlock

I went out straight away to explore. Luckily the fresh snow wasn’t slippery, yet. The B&B and the hillside behind looked like a classic Christmas scene.

Snow at Matlock

The River Derwent flowed in the gully below. On a summer’s day, it would be a nice place to sit, but not on a frozen, snowy day.

Snow at Matlock

Still, there were many details to savour – snow on the branches and trunks, for example.

Snow at Matlock

Snow on the leaves and ground cover.

Snow at Matlock

It was all so fascinating for me, even if it was freezing cold, so it won’t surprise you that I have plenty more snow scenes to share.

Snow at Matlock

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