Snowy Matlock and Bakewell

We walked through the snow to the nearby town of Matlock. The cottages looked so pretty in the snow.

Snow at Matlock

Snow at Matlock

We took a bus to the town of Bakewell, home of the Bakewell tart and pudding. A market was in full-swing in the square, despite the snow.


The town’s architecture was quaint, with no power lines in sight. It was like being in a period drama.


But the weather got to us, and soon we were in a tearoom, drinking tea and eating the famous pudding. Incidently, the tart and pudding don’t really resemble each other at all, aside from the smattering of jam at the bottom of the case. The tart has a short pastry crust and an almond filling, while the pudding had a puff crust and a custard filling.

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