Walk Up Masson Hill – Part 2

We continued the ascent, passing trees long bare, and shrouded in snow.

Masson Hill Walk

Riber Castle, on the next hill, was almost always in view. Unlike other heritage buildings in the area, the castle is a 19th Century creation, and hence relatively new. Unfortunately, the upkeep has been too much for a succession of owners, and the castle is at present abandoned.

Masson Hill Walk

After an hour’s walk, we finally reached the top of the hill, at Geoff’s Seat.

Masson Hill Walk

It would be a lovely place to sit in summer, when you have views like this to contemplate on. In the middle of the snow, we took a few photos and continued on.

Masson Hill Walk

On the other side of the hill we again have views of Riber Castle, which sits above High Tor. We certainly climbed far that day!

Masson Hill Walk

That’s all from Derbyshire. Next time, we’re heading south to more hospitable climes.

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