Copenhagen – Part 1

We were excited to be in Copenhagen, home of our Princess Mary, and of our favourite Danish series, The Killing. Our first impression is of a cosmopolitan, and very Northern European city. Like in neighbouring Germany and Netherlands, there was a large volume of bikes on the streets. I was quite impressed with the number of bikes on display at Copenhagen’s central railway station.

A day in Copenhagen

And at one of the city centre bus stations. I’ve never seen a double-storey bike-park before.

Can you imagine Sydneysiders riding bikes to Central to catch a train? They’d either be run over before they arrived, or the ‘Grey Ghosts’ would fine them on the spot for parking.

A day in Copenhagen

Elsewhere in the city centre, there was lots of bike riding on cobble-stoned streets.

A day in Copenhagen

And lots of bike parking in the pretty parks.

A day in Copenhagen

Apparently even the Danish Royal Family use their bikes to get around. Can you imagine the British Royal Family doing that? Or indeed, would Mr Abbot?

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