Bungle Bungles from the air – Part 3

We flew south over the hills, and the further south we went, the smaller and more pronounced the do mes became. These are where the ‘money shots’ of the Bungle Bungles are taken.

Bungle Bungles Helicopter Ride

And there are more domes to be seen up toward the horizon. The Bungle Bungles are more extensive than the iconic rocks of Central Australia, and so much more rewarding to see from the air.

Bungle Bungles Helicopter Ride

The sun soon dipped, and all too quickly we were back to where we started.

Bungle Bungles Helicopter Ride

Bungle Bungles Helicopter Ride

But that’s not the end of the Bungle Bungles – we will soon see it on foot.

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