Munurru – Part 1

At the end of a long day, we finally made it to our campsite at King Edward River, or as the locals call it, Munurru. It’s a tranquil place with big skies and waterholes lined with pandanus and gums.

King Edward River

This was definitely the deep bush – you can’t escape the dust here.

King Edward River

The following morning, we ventured nearby to look at the rock art under the sandstone overhangs.


This area obviously had great significance for thousands of years since there were even the art of two separate peoples. The most recent clans painted the wandjina, or spirits.


But long before that, other people painted these very different paintings, which are now called Gwion Gwion. Much debate rages about who and when these were painted. Some think they’re of Asian, Melanesian, even African in origin.


The camp is my picture of the day.

Mitchell Plateau camping

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