Kimberley Swims – Part 1

We’re on the home run back to Broome now, and the weather also got hotter – way over 30C maximums required a cool down so I’ll give you a rundown on swimming stops we visited.

First up was Miner’s Creek on Drysdale River station. Sandy bottomed and quite deep in places, it was a pleasant place to swim. It however had a metre long freshwater croc on the bottom and what I thought was a mischievous spirit. We were told by our guide to introduce ourselves as some strange things have happened to him on previous visits – like his air-conditioner breaking down for no reason. I had my own experience – my retractable walking stick refused to retract for several days!

Miner's Creek

A hundred or so kilometers down the track was Galvans Gorge with a pretty swimming hole, and pretty lotus flowers. The swimming hole was very deep, and the steep sandstone cliffs proved irresistible to leap from for some – not a good idea though as there were some hidden rocks at the bottom.

Galvans Gorge

Galvans Gorge

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