The Road to Gundagai

We’re starting a new journey today. Last December, we took a road-trip from Sydney to Central Victoria and back.

Our first leg took us through the town of Gundagai, with its quaint old buildings and brand-spanking-new pavements.


It was a chance for everyone to stretch their legs, including our old beagle, Bridie. Note the sign in the park – we’re definitely not in the city anymore!


There were a few monuments in town. We didn’t see the famous dog and tucker box statue as it was out of town, but we did stumble past Dad, Dave, Mum and Mabel, along the road to Gundagai.

Dad, Dave, Mum and Mabel

But the monument that was most touching was the tribute to two Wiradjuri men, Yarri and Jacky Jacky, who saved the township during the 1852 flood.

The Great Rescue of Yarri and Jacky Jacky

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