Glenrowan – Part 1

North East Victoria is Kelly Gang Country, and the most infamous town of them all is Glenrowan – the scene of the gang’s last siege.

Driving down the main drag, you can’t miss Big Ned.

Sights of Glenrowan

Otherwise, Glenrowan is little more than a village with its share of quaint cottages.

Sights of Glenrowan

The main drag is very touristy, and a bit run-down. At the back of one of the tourist shops is a recreation of Ned’s Greta home (Greta is about 25km south). Quaint and cute aren’t exactly the words I’d use to describe the place. More like hovel.

Sights of Glenrowan

When you see the impressive houses around Beechworth, and imagine the money and power that built it, I can see why Ned and his lot perhaps thought that they were getting the wrong end of the stick.

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