Lord Howe Island – Views of the Lagoon

Lord Howe is an island, foremost, so let’s have a few more views of the water. We stayed on the western side of the island and hence got our fill of views of the Lagoon. No name, just Lagoon, since it’s the only one.

It is the most southern reef system in the world, and it is beautiful to look at and swim in whatever the weather, since there is no sewage or storm-water run-off to pollute its clean waters. The uniqueness of the marine environment obviously helped gain the island a UNESCO world heritage listing.

In the middle of the lagoon, about 700m off-shore, is Rabbit Island (officially, Blackburn Island), which produces a lovely focal point to the view. It might have been overrun with pests like rabbits in the past (hence its name), but after the big clean-up, it’s now pristine.

There are lots of snorkeling opportunities on the Lagoon, as well as lots of fishing opportunities. Hubby brought his fishing gear all the way from home and was eager to cast a line. It’s certainly a scenic place to do it.

And on the shore, there were interesting details to examine while I waited for hubby to land a catch (he did eventually, by the way).

3 thoughts on “Lord Howe Island – Views of the Lagoon”

  1. Great photos, as always.
    We swam from the dive shop to Rabbit Island (the one with the windsock) and back when last on the island. There was quite a current running on the lagoon side of the island, which was disconcerting as there was noone else out there other. We went ashore briefly, decided the terrain wasn’t much suited to hiking in a wet cossie, then headed back to the ‘mainland’!


    1. I’m not such a strong swimmer so went on a snorkeling cruise of the lagoon. The currents close to the edge of the reef are pretty strong.


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