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Men in tights

God, what’s with my favourite actors being in Robin Hood productions these days? Richard Armitage has been a mainstay of the Robin Hood TV series for a few years now, but in the latest series he is joined by none other than Toby Stephens. It makes for some, er, interesting scenes, let me tell you.

And then this morning, I found out that Matthew Macfadyen’s been cast as the Sherrif of Nottingham in Ridley Scott’s upcoming version. Seeing a slimmed-down Rusty, Cate and Matthew all in one place will be something to behold. I’ll be quite curious to see the finished product. Hopefully it will be more Gladiator and less Kingdom of Heaven.

Spooks – Part 3

One thing about being a fan of British TV is that you will always see an actor that you recognise. And sooner or later your favourite actor might even appear on your favourite show!

Apart from Doctor Who, Spooks is one show that good actors seem to love to appear in. I was lucky that Adam’s replacement was played by none other than Richard Armitage, whom I had you might say, a rather keen interest in in the past through his role in bonnet drama, North and South.

It’s difficult to see what kind of an impact his character, Lucas North, will have in the long-run, but he’s had a very dynamic start for sure. This is certainly Richard Armitage’s best role since John Thornton in North and South, and his presence is another reason for me to keep watching this series. Not that I need any.