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Knitting Winter 2016

Finished knitting projects for this winter were both for me! One has to be a bit selfish sometimes.

The major project this winter was this cabled jumper from a Pom Pom Quarterly pattern called Jean. I named it my Fisherwoman’s Jumper. The pattern wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and the jumper is very comfy to wear.

Fisherwoman's jumper

My travelling project were another pair of Fika socks using some variegated yarn that I bought in Tokyo last year. These were some well-travelled socks, having travelled with me to the Kimberley and South Africa!

Blueberry socks

Knitting Frenzy

Knitting is one craft that I took up again this past year. I think my first experience of knitting was all the way back in primary school, when my Year 2 teacher taught the whole class how to knit. I vaguely remember the experience of being frustrated at the holes I made with my green acrylic yarn and red needles.

Jump forward 26 years and things have gotten a bit easier this time around. I have gone through a few bouts of knitting as an adult, but this time I have gone much further. Previously I had knitted scarves before going on to beanies, mittens and socks.

Belated socks