Asakusa – Part 4

Let’s take a break for lunch at a soba noodle restaurant. They’re a common sight in this part of Tokyo – and given that the district has one of the most popular tourist attractions, and thousands of shops to boot, it’s the done thing too go sightseeing, shopping and then eat these noodles. This restaurant was literally 50 metres from our hotel, and has a very traditional entrance.


Soba noodles are made out of buckwheat and wheat flours, and has a delicate taste. The best ones are handmade, and having once tried my hand at making it, I know that it’s no easy thing to do.

Now we cook it

They can be eaten hot, in soup, or cold, dipped in a soy and mirin sauce. Ours was accompanied by diced raw tuna.

Asakusa food

A delicious, light lunch.

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