Kununurra and Ord River – Part 1

I’ve never been one to wake up with the birds, but a consequence of camping is that this was exactly what I, and the whole group, did for every day of those two weeks. We arose between 5 and 5.30am, whether we were scheduled to or not. It wasn’t a bad thing entirely, because I was able to watch a lot of lovely sunrises, like the one at our campsite at Kununurra, 250km north-east of the Bungle Bungles.

Ord River Cruise

Ord River Cruise

Kununurra is located by a lagoon that feeds into the Ord River, which we encountered near the Bungle Bungles. It’s a different place altogether, being more tropical in climate. There were a few houseboats, ready for a lazy cruise upstream.

Ord River Cruise

The waterlilies were about the blossom.

Ord River Cruise

Kununurra is the centre for the Ord River scheme, which dammed the Ord in several places nearby in the mid-20th century, forming Lake Argyle, a reservoir that is more than 20 times bigger than Sydney Harbour. We’ll find out more about the lake and dam later on.

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