The Gibb River Road (End)

The end of the day came at our campsite at Windjana Gorge by the campfire.

Windjana Gorge

It was made even more spectacular against the backdrop of the gorge. It became my final picture of the day.

Windjana Gorge

The final day, we made our way back to Highway One, although there were still a few sights to see along the way, like this very long cattle trough at Myalls Bore.

Myalls bore and cattle trough

By morning tea we were back on the Indian Ocean at Derby – a sleepy town compared to Broome with a long jetty, mud flats and 10 metre tides.

Old jetty/wharf

Derby coast

And by afternoon tea, we were back in Broome and ‘civilisation’ and the end of our fortnight in the Kimberley. I hope you enjoyed the journey. It was certainly more than a series of grand landscapes – it was a place of rich and deep history, too.

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