Back to Mount Borradaile – Part 2

Soon we were away from all civilisation and flying over the wetlands of the Top End, crossing little rivers…

Darwin to Mt Borradaile

And much bigger ones further east that form part of Kakadu National Park.

Darwin to Mt Borradaile

It’s the end of a very good Wet season (the best in five years) so the rivers and creeks were still discharging water. This meant great conditions for barramundi fishing, and we saw quite a few boats from above.

Darwin to Mt Borradaile

I was also fascinated by the clouds and the patterns they formed down below.

Darwin to Mt Borradaile

After a bit over an hour, we descended into Arnhemland, and down to Mount Borradaile – a little bit of civilisation in the wilds.

Darwin to Mt Borradaile

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