From West to East – Part 2

We’ll continue driving from the west coast to the east coast of the South Island.

Driving Lewis Pass

Our route took us through the small town of Reefton. It is another former gold-rush town (where they found an extensive gold-bearing quartz reef, hence the name).

Driving Lewis Pass

If it looks and feels like the ‘wild west’ then you’re not far wrong.

Driving Lewis Pass

Probably because the first gold was found in 1866, just after the Australian gold rushes started and not long after the Californian gold rush that opened up the American ‘wild west’. They all probably employed the same architects.

Driving Lewis Pass

Because of the riches of the gold mines, and also the power of the nearby Inangahua River, the town was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to be connected to the electricity grid, courtesy of the Reefton Hydro Power Station.

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