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Glenrowan – Part 2

On the other side of town is the site of the gang’s last stand at the Glenrowan Inn. The inn was burned down during the siege and remains an empty lot to this day.

Sights of Glenrowan

Wooden figures of the gang and the police have been erected according to their positions during the siege. Everything happened at very close range.

Sights of Glenrowan

The railway station where the police and journalists sheltered was a mere 200 metres away and still kept in the condition of the day.

Sights of Glenrowan

Nearby, some signage is a reminder that the siege was indeed not just a myth but very real. Like where a hand gun was found a mere 20 years ago.

Sights of Glenrowan

And where Ned, in full armour, was shot down and captured.

Sights of Glenrowan

Ned Kelly is a divisive figure in many ways, but his influence in Australian culture is unquestioned. Almost 140 years later, even hipsters (like current Socceroos captain Mile Jedinak) try to emulate Ned’s style.


We passed through a lot of lovely New England towns north of Armidale, and stopped at Tenterfield for lunch. It’s the hometown of Peter Allen, only a fraction the size of Armidale, but is lovely in its own way. The weekend bikers certainly think so. They were out in force.

Downtown Tenterfield

Once again, a lot of turn-of-the-century buildings were preserved, particularly since this town was where Henry Parkes gave his Federation speech, that kick-started the founding of Australia as a nation.

Downtown Tenterfield

Inner City Catch-Up Lunch

What a way to catch up with friends than to enjoy a leisurely 3 course lunch! I met up with N and F pre-Christmas at the Devonshire Restaurant in Surry Hills, where their Prix Fixe Friday lunch was too good to be missed. The menu changed weekly, but we weren’t too pertubed about what we got as we knew it was all going to be very good indeed. We weren’t wrong.

For entree was roasted pork belly croustillant, spiced apple relish, shaved fennel and radish. It was a spring roll that had been well and truly pimped, but with the salad and relish was still light and fresh.

Roasted pork belly croustillant, spiced apple relish, shaved fennel and radish

The main was the magnificent seared Ora king salmon, fried calamari, squid ink, orange and chive dressing. With a crispy skin, more-ish sauce and dressing, all refreshed by the oranges (a citrus that you don’t often think of when accompanying fish), it tasted as good as it looked.

Seared Ora King Salmon, fried calamari, squid ink, orange and chive dressing

The sides of broccolini and twice-cooked potatoes were also amazing. How did they get the potatoes so crispy, I wonder?

Brocollini and walnuts

Twice cooked King Edward potatoes

We really didn’t have any room left after that effort, but still we managed to fit in a delectable sticky pear pudding, toasted coconut milk sorbet and toffee sauce. The pudding was surprisingly light, and the sorbet creamy without being too rich. A perfect end to the meal.

Sticky pear pudding, toasted coconut milk sorbet and toffee sauce

Act 2: Brazil vs Australia

Faaaaar out! Now that was a crackin’ good match! Well done boys!!

After my Shakespearean analogy for Japan, Datadude likened the Brazil match to Waiting For Godot… except that this Godot came along. Sigh…

Still, given that I had visions of an Argentina-Serbia style whitewash before the game, 2-0 against those boys ain’t bad at all. Technically-speaking, some of the performances were absolutely inspired. Who would have thought we could have produced a goal-less first half?

Have to mention one key performance though. How about our Mr. Hottie? Still card-free and made some brilliant saves and tackles. And doesn’t he look lovely in dark-blue? 🙂

My favourite moment has to be…

Lucas Neill does his thing against Ronaldo

… When Lucas made an excellent challenge on an ailing Ronaldo, leaving him sprawled on the ground dazed and confused (as if he wasn’t before). Mind you, the Round One did move a little more than in the previous match and created a goal. But when you’ve got a bench loaded with talent like Brazil’s the coach would be bonkers to pick him again.

Swapping shirts with the Brazillians

Unfortunately Mr. Hottie didn’t take Ronaldinho’s example… baaaah!!!!!