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Hello again, it’s Bridie Beagle here, to talk about my favourite subject – food. My parents say that I’m obsessed with food. Well, they’re completely right. I live, and more importantly, breathe food. Breathe, because my breed are gifted with a wonderful sense of smell. That’s why my kin work as food detection dogs at the airport.

Meanwhile, I’m a lady of leisure, but I’m not leisurely when food is around. I get excited and possessive. Like in this instance, when I have my eye on the remnants of some cookies that Mummy made.


My parents say that I become Ms. Jekyll around food, when I am usually Lady Hyde. I say it’s because they never ever give me enough. A lady needs more than just one cup of dry food a day when there are soo many wonderful things to eat out there. I must admit they do give me the odd treat (toast crusts, yoghurt containers, bones, fat, to name a few things), but I want to eat all the time.

“You can’t eat all the time,” they say, “You’ll get really fat and sick.”

They must be wrong though, as I’ve never been sick from eating too much, not even when I ate a whole round of brie and a block of cheddar in one sitting. Besides, isn’t it rude to call someone fat? I have and will always be shapely, but unlike some humans, I love my curves.

Birthday Dinner – Part 3

We finished dinner with a tiramisu. This is really a dessert for coffee lovers – there was more espresso in there than booze, I think! And the orange zest gave a nice zing to the dessert. It also wasn’t too rich, so a nice way to end our meal.

Birthday Dinner

I must say we were impressed with the service. The wait staff were welcoming and amazingly efficient, even with a full restaurant. We may return to sample more of the mains.


In the past year, we have discovered the joys of a bread maker. Its primary job is to make bread, of course. I make a loaf most weeks using my own ingredients (not pre-mixed stuff). The bread tastes great, and I know that it contains no preservatives. Some people might think that using a machine is the lazy person’s way of making bread – the clever machine kneads, rises, proofs, and bakes – but if it works, why not?

Homemade wholemeal bread

Last Easter, we made hot cross buns, again with the help of the bread maker. This time we used it to mix and raise the dough but did everything else manually. Again, it tasted lovely, and it wasn’t too sweet like store-bought buns. We hope to make another batch in a week or so when Easter comes around again.

Homemade hot cross buns

Lastly, we use the bread maker to make pizza dough. There’s an art to rolling the dough out thinly and then strategically arranging the ingredients, but the result is a great tasting pizza that’s isn’t overloaded with salt and fat.

Homemade Pizza

We’ve had some wonderful pizza parties where everyone made their own pizzas. It’s a novelty to many people to make their own pizzas, but it really shouldn’t be.

Even though we have had the help of a bread machine, baking isn’t rocket science. It does however take thought and preparation. Making pizza from scratch takes more than 20 minutes, which I suppose is time that most people don’t seem to have, but the convenience comes at the cost of taste, and health. We ate store-bought pizza the other week, and even the healthy choice pizza (sparing in meat and cheese) made me thirsty. That never happens when I eat homemade pizza. It makes me wonder at the amount of salt in pre-made food.

The supermarkets however are determined to sell convenience, and they seem to be slowly stripping their shelves of basic baking ingredients. For example, we can’t seem to buy dry yeast in canisters anymore, only in packs of 7g ‘single use’ sachets – no good to me since I use yeast by the teaspoonful, less than 7g worth. This is not the only sneaky thing the supermarkets have been up to. C’mon, why do you need pancake mix when the real thing is so easy to make? All I can say is, don’t be afraid of flour and dough, peoples. It really can be your best friend if you take the time to get to know it.

Valentine’s Day Dinner – Part 3

My contribution to our Valentine’s Day dinner was the dessert. The current year’s favourite dessert is apple and rhubarb crumble. It’s the dish I make for my parents-in-laws and hubby loves it too. I served it with a dollop of our homemade Greek yoghurt.

Valentine's Day Dinner

We’ve discovered yoghurt making in the last few months. It only takes a few minutes to prepare the mixture and overnight to ‘cook’. Yum!

Hot Cross Buns

It’s been awhile since I posted. I hope that everyone has had a peaceful Easter, and if you have been holidaying, a relaxing time. I have a lot of posts to catch up on, of course. My first offering is the batch of hot cross buns that I made (with the help of the breadmaker) on the Easter weekend. It was a pretty good first attempt, if I say so myself, and the homemade buns were divine.

Homemade hot cross buns

Birthday Dinner – Dessert

Probably a miracle that we still had room for dessert at this stage, but being a special dinner, we had to have sweets as well.

BB had a lemon tartlet with berries. The lemon custard was light and tart, and the pastry was so, so thin and crisp – a lovely way to cleanse the palette.

Lemon tartlet with berries

While I had a caramel glazed apple tartlet. The custard here was just as light, but flavoured with yummy vanilla. I’d be happy with a bowl of just the custard! But then there was the crunch of the thin pastry, and thinly sliced apples glazed with a thin layer of caramel. Thin was the operative word, but it made the dish all the more wonderful – no single element dominated.

Caramel glazed apple tartlet

I was very, very happy with this meal – but it was a special occasion. As wonderful as it was, I wouldn’t be up to eating it every week!